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Who we are

We import premium class frozen food products to food service and retail market. We supply to food service both by wholesalers and directly, and all main Finnish wholesalers are our clients.

In the existing portfolio we have about 100 products main product groups being desserts, side dishes, pasta, fingerfood and bakery products (gluten-free products incl.).

We have moved on from selling more products towards concepts, i.e. we develop concepts, even tailored to single customer's needs.

Our turnover 2018 was 2,45 m.eur and our growth continues in the year 2019.

The Way We Work

We are very active on marketing and thus are a well-known supplier of premium frozen products. We participate on local fairs - 8-10 fairs per year arranged by our wholesalers - and also have tailored presentations to our hospitality business to better fulfill their expectations and needs. Our brochures, leaflets and recipe books are praised for their excellent pictures and ideas how to use the products.

If you need more information on us or have an interest to start exporting frozen high-quality products, that add value to our product portfolio, please contact:

Mika Turunen, Managing Director and the owner of the company

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